Words that never die…

Our choices makes us,

Our choices destroys us,

It’s all our choices,

Which controls our whole journey,

From the beginning to the end .

There are many inspiring stories in Mahabharata. All these stories teach the humanity very important lessons about how we should lead our lives ideally.

But, to me, the most inspiring story is howArjuna, young boy learnt to shoot arrows in the dark by hearing sound.

Dronacharya started teaching the use of different weapons to the Kuru princes and others.

But, Dronacharya was biased towards his son Aswathama and wanted to teach him separately from his other students. He sent all his students to fetch water, kept them busy in playing and other stuffs in the Gurukul. But, Arjuna was very smart and his desire to acquire knowledge was immense. So, he avoid playing and get all his jobs done within the time and returned to Drona in order to learn more. Though initially Drona was reluctant but Arjuna won his affection by his immense hard work and eagerness for learning.

Still, Drona was afraid that Arjuna would learn all the warfare skills and might surpass his son Aswathama. Drona ordered a cook in the Gurukul not to serve food to Arjun in the dark. The reason was Drona feared that Arjuna might learn the art of archery in the darkness.

One day when the students were served night meal, a sudden wind blow extinguished the lamp. All the other students stopped eating and started shouting. But, Arjuna continued to eat in the darkness. After a while, he suddenly observed that if one is hungry then hand reaches to mouth automatically even in the pitch dark, so if he tries and practices hard he could also hit the target in the darkness by hearing its sound.

Being immensely interested and passionate of archery, at the same night Arjuna went out all alone with his bow and quiver when others were in deep sleep in order to practice shoot arrows in the darkness. He started shooting arrows in the darkness. After sometimes, Drona heard the sound of hitting of arrows lying on his bed. He wondered what is happening in the middle of the night. He came out and he saw Arjuna practicing archery and hitting the target by hearing the sound. He was amazed to see this. He understood Arjuna’s passion about archery. As an ideal teacher, Drona was extremely happy and promised Arjuna that he would make him (Arjuna) his best disciple.

Drona taught Arjuna different methods of fighting skills like fighting on horse, fighting on elephant, fighting on chariot and fighting on foot. Not only archery, he also taught the use of different kinds of weapons. Arjuna became so well-versed in all kind of weapons became the best of all warriors in the whole world.

“However, Dhananjay was the best in fighting with every weapon. The Pandava was famous on earth, right up to the frontiers of the ocean, for his intelligence, perseverance, strength and enterprise in all weapons. He was thus the foremost among all the warriors. Arjuna was special, not just in knowledge of weapons, but also in his devotion to his preceptor, though the instructions were the same for everyone. Alone among all the princes, Arjuna became an Atiratha”.

As a student, this story is very inspiring to me. No one asked Arjuna to practice at the late night. His eagerness and passion for learning prompted him to practice on his own. Through this story, Arjuna also teaches us that nothing is impossible. If one is enthusiastic and single-minded then he/she nobody will be able to prevent him/her from achieving success in his life.